Hi Sandra,


Yes the claim went through, but we had to change the ICD10 code again before we finalized the claim. 


It seems that the system saves the ICD10 code and then when you do not EDI and finalize the claim immediately, it throws away the digits and that is when the claim gets rejected. 


If we experience the problem again, I will make screen shots of every step that we do.





Debbie Beukes

Billing Manager

(051) 011 4040




From: Sandra de Beer <Sandra.deBeer@trifour-health.com>
Sent: Friday, 03 April 2020 11:13
To: debbie@kimmed.co.za
Subject: Trimmed call 15409 ICD10 keeps rejecting


Hi Debbie

EM211:1 went through perfect, the whole claim is approved with no rejections?  I have also checked the ICD coding screen, the fifth digit code saved successfully.  Please can you please make a screenshot where you are experiencing the problem?

The same for EM213:1

EM215:1 approved